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Welcome to Adenso´s business unit FLEX MATERIALS, your technology developer for unique and innovative R2R systems for research and production.


One of the core competency of Adenso are R2R Roll-to-Roll solutions for both atmospheric and high vacuum environments as well as laminating solutions for flexible materials.


     Adenso OEM WINDING SYSTEMS for vacuum and glovebox environments

HYBRID SYSTEMS: With new concepts by meaning of combination atmospheric and vacuum processes into ONE process plant Adenso create and develop a new category of process systems for flexible materials, especially flexible glasses.

OEM-WINDIND SYSTEMS: As completely unique solution Adenso offers to you complex winding systems as OEM components - for atmospheric as well as high vacuum processes. The development of this concept results on market demands and based on Adenso´s extensive experience in the roll-to-roll business.
The concept based on the idea, to offer a autarkic winding unit to our customers with clear defined interfaces:

1.Mechanical interface = chamber sealing surface (vacuum) respectively winding plate (atmosphere)

2.Electrical interface = network connection (Ethernet, EtherCAT, Profibus)


The winding system will be customized by Adenso to fit the demands for web run and processes.
Before delivery Adenso will set into operation the winding system and test it completely.

Thereby Adenso can guarantee to bring in his winding know-how into that OEM-products.


The master control system will interact with the winding controller simple via a network interface, send the commands and permanent get back the status information.

The advantages for our customers are mainly the following:

- WINDING SYSTEM EXPERTISE from Adenso lower your process risk.

- FEW & CLEAR INTERFACES: winding plate and IT-network - not more.

- SHORT DELIVERY TIME: customized design - handled in serial production.

- EASY COMMISSIONING: completely taken into operation by Adenso before delivery.

- NEW BUSINESS SEGMENTS: discover the possibilities to build up new business segments

Discover the new possibilities to enter new business areas by using Adenso OEM-solutions!


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