Concepts for ATM-VAC-Combination.


Hybrid Systems consist of a combination of atmospheric and vacuum processes and allow to carry out process steps as like as:
coating / structuring / annealing / laminating / dicing / testing / ... within only ONE substrate run.

This minimize the substrate stress and transport distances and maximize the productivity and process reliability.



 Combination of atmospheric and vacuum processes into ONE substrate run:
 coating / structuring / annealing / laminating / dicing / testing
 MIN material stress
 MIN transport distances
 NO atmospheric influence
 MAX productivity and process reliability
 MAX asset return!







 RRU - Roll Resistor Unit

 Gas separation system, optimized for sensitive and flexible substrates,
 based on one-side-touch principle.
 Multi-stage version available for high vacuum environment.


 RRV - Roll Resistor Valve

 Load Lock system for sensitive substrates.
 Allow to build up hybrid research and productions plans ATM-VAC-ATM
 by arrange atmosphere [ATM] and vacuum [VAC] process modules into ONE line.
 Based on one-side-touch principle protects your active substrate side.
 Radiation traps are available as an option in case of using
 EB electron beam technology into the high vacuum process sections.


 ILS - Interleaf System

 Sensitive substrates often needs an intermediate layer when transport and sock it as an coil.
 The winding systems could equipped with unwinder und rewinder systems for such intermediate layer.


 FCS - Flex Carrier System

 Supports the handling of sensitive substrates inside the winding system.


 SCS - Substrate Cover System

 A cover layer protects the substrate during processing inside the process section;
 available for front side and back side.